Bad Breath Causes

You can find people around the world with chronic bad breath (halitosis). This may be cold comfort when it’s your problem of bad breath. I just want you to know that there are many people who suffer from the same problem.

The Number One Cause of Bad Breath

Not brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue and taking care of your mouth are the most common causes of bad breath.
It’s just that simple!

Do you practice good, regular oral hygiene? If not, that is the first place to start in the fight for fresher breath. You can find lots of “solutions” out there for having a fresh, clean breath, but the first place to start is a clean mouth.

Another Common Cause is…
Dry mouth. You may notice having a dry mouth in the morning especially, because during the night there’s less saliva produced in our mouth and less movement in our mouth, so our mouth naturally dries out.
Make sure you brush your teeth and clean your tongue and use a mouthwash before you go to bed. Use a mouthwash that does not have alcohol in it, as alcohol tends to dry out the mouth.

The bacteria that live in our mouth thrive in this dryer environment. If you wake up in the morning and you notice that you have a film of plaque on your tongue and the inside of your mouth, you may want to consider drinking some water in the middle of the night. This can help to break up the dryness and the production of bacteria and foul odor-causing materials in your mouth.

Another common cause of halitosis is post-nasal drip, or other sinus problems. Especially if you have a persistent post-nasal drip.
The drainage from your sinuses accumulates on the back of your tongue and the back of your throat. That drainage is a perfect nutrient for the bacteria in our mouth that cause less than fresh breath. Having that abundant supply of nutrients encourages the bacteria to reproduce, making the problem worse. So anything you can do to relieve the sinus problem can also have a positive effect on your breath.

Some Final Thoughts
So you can see that keeping your mouth clean and free of the nutrients for bacteria will help you find relief from your bad breath.
Begin to practice good oral hygiene, which includes cleaning your tongue, and using mouthwash.
Do you feel you already practice good oral hygiene? If you brush, floss and clean your tongue twice a day, perhaps once more per day would help – at lunch? Remember, the bacteria in your mouth are working away 24 hours a day! You may need to increase your efforts to have the fresh breath you desire.

You may find that your breath problems are caused by some condition I haven’t discussed here. There are many possible reasons for halitosis. There are also many possible ways to find relief!

There is no one magic bullet that fixes everybody’s breath problem. This means that you may have to try a number of remedies, you may have to talk to your doctor, or dentist, to find out what’s going on. There are tests that they can do.

It’s up to you to take the lead to find the relief that works for you, so that you can have a fresher, cleaner breath. Be persistent, try some different ways, get help when you need it, and eventually you will find relief for yourself.

The information contained in this article is purely for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for any medical diagnosis or treatment, or consultations with your health-care practitioner.