Indian Gooseberry For Liver Enlargement

The liver is known as the master organ of the body. No other organ of the body does such varied functions as the liver. The liver is a pretty tough organ and able to regenerate any damaged parts to a great extent and it is has an amazing capacity to recover from alcohol if given time to rest.

If the liver is damaged and unable to function properly, it leads to other problems, and most of the organs in the body are affected. These problems can be seemingly simple ones like constipation, chronic gastritis, morning sickness, etc. or it could be severe disorders like jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and Hepatomegaly, all of which are potentially serious and even fatal.

A fully grown adult liver is about the size of football. Sometimes due to some causes the liver becomes enlarged, and it is known as Hepatomegaly. Liver enlargement could be due to many factors such as alcoholism, hepatitis, cancer, Amoebiasis, etc. The symptoms are mild in the beginning and hard to detect unless investigation like Sonography or CAT scan is done

Liver enlargement needs prompt medical attention. The cause of the hepatic enlargement should be identified, and treatment should be started accordingly. Hepatitis is caused by a virus and can be categorized into acute and chronic. If the Hepatitis continues for more than six months, it is termed as Chronic Hepatitis. Chronic Hepatitis is caused by treatment failures of Acute Hepatitis. The symptoms of chronic hepatitis are mild in comparison to acute hepatitis. Certain medications also have an adverse action on the liver, especially anti-fungal like Ketoconazole, anti-TB medicines like Rifampicin and Pyrazinamide.

The symptoms of Alcoholic Hepatomegaly includes water in the abdomen, bleeding from capillaries in the esophagus, a swollen spleen, high blood pressure in the liver, changes in mental function, coma and kidney failure. The first step is complete abstinence from alcohol. Treatment includes a change in diet to reduce the workload on the liver. Medication and intensive hospital care will be needed to manage the complication associated with liver damage.

Indian Gooseberry is one of the most precious gifts of nature to mankind. Indian Gooseberry is loaded with Vitamin C and many trace elements. It is one of the best Hepatic tonics and is especially effective in Liver Enlargements. It has found acceptance in all forms of herbal treatment as a liver rejuvenator. Ayurveda the Indian pharmacopeia, Unani the Arabic pharmacopeia, and ancient Chinese texts extols the benefits of Indian Gooseberry. Indian Gooseberry is also an excellent Anti-oxidant taking care of free radicals and preventing them from causing any cell damage.