Preventing Knee Sprains

A sprained knee is an injury that no one wants to experience, however, sports and daily physical activity sometimes contribute to such an injury. If we take the proper precautions necessary we can limit our chances of experiencing a sprained knee. We will explore some of the methods used to help prevent such an injury and ensure that when you play sports or are involved in a physical activity you try to limit your chances of getting injured.

One of the most productive exercises that one can perform to prevent a sprained knee is to make sure an individual stretches before engaging in sports or physical activity. Stretching your legs and body enables you to get accustomed to certain positions which contribute to flexibility of your legs and knees. This flexibility will help in avoiding injuries especially when the knee is subjected to certain unorthodox positions.


It is also important that when playing sports, you have the proper footwear and attire. Certain activities such as football and soccer require special footwear and shoes. These shoes and attire assist in ensuring you have strong placement of your feet in the turf or grass that you are playing in. It helps to prevent injuries by ensuring that your footwear is designed to handle the terrain of the environment that you are playing in. Another important factor is ensuring that the body weight on your knees does not bear a heavy load.


A big contributing factor to a sprained knee is the body weight of a person. Body weight causes more stress to the ligaments as well as the menisci of one’s knee, as a result it can be a contributing factor to a sprained knee. It is recommended to maintain a healthy weight to ensure that your knee retains strong health and minimizes the possibility of a knee injury.


These are just a couple of suggestions on how to prevent or avoid a sprained knee. Please keep in mind that although we can be pro-active and make the necessary improvements to prevent such an injury, it is still possible to attain one even with all of the exercises and precautions mentioned in this article. In sports and virtually any physical activity, one wrong step or move in the opposite direction of the turf or pavement can result in a sprained knee or another serious injury. Our knees are built to withstand lots of pressure and torque, however, the ligaments and tissue are just like any other body part, they can tear or be torn very easily. It is imperative that we continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise to ensure that we are doing all that we can do to prevent such injuries. Lifting weights and properly training the knee by building strong muscles surrounding the knee and knee joints can also assist in preventing injury. A sprained knee is an injury that occurs to many people. If we follow some of the recommendations above, we can try our best to prevent such an injury from occurring.